Kentucky Horsewear's 3D SPACER Technology


Kentucky Horsewear developed an innovative 3D spacer shock absorbing material that is specially developed for the specific requirements of the equestrian market. The key elements for developing the 3D spacer shock absorbing material are:

  • Breathable & Air permeable 
  • Shock absorbing
  • Comfortable
  • Skin friendly
  • Extremely light

    These five unique elements have been mixed together with the 3D spacer shock absorbing material as a result. Thanks to its unique 3D technology, which is a honeycomb structure, it allows the body heat of the horse to go through as well as offering a cushioning effect, which is extremely comfortable. 

    The 3D spacer material is bounded with a perforated shock absorbing gel that protects the horse’s legs against strikes or blows. 

    Thanks to the combination of all these outstanding materials, Kentucky Horsewear's 3D spacer shock absorbing material is extremely performant while still being extremely light, which enhances the comfort and performance of your horses.