Taking good care of our horses also implies taking care of their surroundings, the nature and therefore our planet! LouRi & Co. wants to do its part and take care of our planet by using packaging that is either recyclable or compostable (not to mention fashionable!) thanks to our friends at noissue 

LOURI & CO. MAILERS | Made from 100% Recycled Plastics, this recycled mailer gives plastics already in circulation a second life. It has a second adhesive strip so that the mailer can be reused once more, and once it has served its purpose, you can recycle it where soft plastics are accepted!


LOURI & CO. BOXES | We do our best to reuse "still in good shape" boxes to minimize unnecessary wastes! Note that we do take extra precaution regarding the COVID-19 situation and all boxes are putted in quarantine before re-use.