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Horse Pilot

New AEROMESH Jacket | Dark Green

New AEROMESH Jacket | Dark Green

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The Aeromesh jacket is Horse Pilot's new take on the competition jacket. Technical and ultra-breathable, it is ideal for riders who are competing in warm conditions.

This show jacket has all the necessary technical features for competition riding. Cleaver design, with an ergonomically shaped fit that moves along with the rider. However the Aeromesh is made of a new fabric, which is both stretchy and very breathable, to meet the demands of riders who compete in hot conditions. Its micro-honeycomb structure allows heat to escape easily, for maximum rider comfort. The Aeromesh is so light, it's like a second skin - you'd almost forget you have it on! As well as the technical features, the collar has been redesigned in line with competition demands.

Compatible with Horse Pilot's airbags, or any airbag for that matter!
A light competition jacket for a stylish performance.

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