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Compression Socks | + Colors

Compression Socks | + Colors

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The compression sock helps stimulate blood circulation in the foot and calf, whether you're on horseback or on foot.

It optimizes the rider's performance while improving comfort. Strategically positioned, the different knitings act on the calf and the foot to provide targeted muscle support and better blood circulation. The knitting remains fine so as not to create discomfort in the boots. Its "medium" compression level and its very breathable material, made of fine polyamide fibers, guarantee and improve comfort during your training sessions and competitions.

Care Instructions

Machine wash with similar colours
Synthetic cycle at 30° maximum
Do not use fabric softener
Spin at 600 rpm

Sizing Tips

S  : 5 - 7.5
M : 8 - 10.5
L  : 11 - 12.5

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