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Kentucky Horsewear

Absorb Anatomic Sheepskin Half Pad | Brown Wool

Absorb Anatomic Sheepskin Half Pad | Brown Wool

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Kentucky Horsewear's thinner (2,5 cm thick) version of their half-pads series. The rider now has a even better connection with the horse. This improves the contact between rider and horse while still offering great protection to the horse’s back. Thanks to the 5-layer system, the pad absorbs shocks and minimizes the pressure of the saddle and rider.

The Sheepskin Half Pad Anatomic Absorb is made out of an absorb fabric, a memory foam, a shock absorbing gel, again a memory foam and another absorb fabric. The outside lining is made out microfiber with ventilation holes for quick dry and anti-slip. Because of the reduced thickness of the half pad, it offers maximal freedom and stability and reduces back pain. It also offers extra comfort to the horse and rider. The anatomic shape ensures the freedom of the withers and spine. Because of the artificial leather edge, the Sheepskin Half Pad Anatomic Absorb looks very fancy. It is easy to maintain as it sustains the washing process at 30°, no dryer.

- Thinner for a closer contact with the horse (2,5cm)
- 5-layer system
- Anti-slip
- Freedom of the withers and spine

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