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Horse Pilot

Gas Cartridge AirBag

Gas Cartridge AirBag

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Gas refill for Horse Pilot Airbag vest developed by In&Motion.

The airbag refill developed by In&Motion has been designed to guarantee an ergonomic shape and a large volume of gas for optimal protection. Thanks to an air volume trapped in 4 small cartridges, the system keeps a discreet and comfortable shape. When triggered, the 4 small gas cylinders contained in the cartridge instantly empty to inflate the entire airbag. 

How to replace your gas cartridge after a successful inflation?

WARNING : before use, don’t forget to plug your air canister in!

You must replace the cartridge after each successful inflation! If the airbag does not inflate it is almost always because the cartridge was not installed correctly.

The max storage temperature is 100 Fahrenheit (38 degrees Celsius).  Some vehicles, barns, etc. can easily get that hot so it is recommended not to leave it anywhere hot if possible!

**All Airbag replacement cartridge sales are a final sale. No Returns or exchanges for safety reasons. 

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