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Horse Pilot

Apparel Wash

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For the development of their cleaner, Horse Pilot have worked with manufacturers specialized in technical clothing care products. The composition has been developed in order to preserve the properties of the garment over time.

The cleaner is suitable for Horse Pilot's jackets, shirts, breeches and especially the white competition one. The detergent dosage is designed to be effective on stains without damaging the material or harming the environment. 

  • Advice for use

    For machine use: add 2 caps (50 mL)
    Choose a synthetic washing cycle at 30°C, with rinsing and spinning at 800 rpm
    For hand washing: put 2 caps (50 mL) in 10L of water
    Dry clothes in the open air

  • Suitable for

    Functional fabrics (breathable, DWR)
    Technical wear
    Delicate fabrics

  • Information on components

    Non ionic surfactant (less than 5%)
    Water-based, concentrated product
    Vegetal surfactant
    Contains eucalyptus essential oil
    (including : 1.8 Cineol, Alpha pinene, Gamma pinene, p Cimene, Limonene)

  • Environnement

    Ecological and biodegradable detergent, PFC (fluorine) free and aerosol free
    Recyclable packaging

  • Recommendation

    For technical clothing, do not leave it wet in the machine for too long
    Do not use fabric softener