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Body Brush | Middle Medium

Body Brush | Middle Medium

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The Middle Brush Medium is perfect for flicking off dust, sweat and dirt of your horse.

- For quickly removing dust, dirt and sweat
- Can be used before training to remove dust and after training to remove sweat
- Easy to use on all parts of the horse
- Long and flexible bristles
- anatomically shaped with extra grips

What’s special
The middle brush medium is used to sweep the dirt off your horse. The brush is perfect to use before and after training as it flicks off the dust and sweat. The grooming essential can be used on all the body parts of the horse.

Fabrics & materials
The long and flexible polypropylene bristles are very soft and easily flick off any dirt or debris. The wooden block is varnished to be water and dirt repellent.

Shape & size
The middle brush is anatomically shaped and features grips on the side. Thanks to the shape and the grips, the brush is very comfortable to hold.

Care guide
To clean your brush, Tap the brush onto a stiff surface to remove excessive dirt. You can also brush them together. Damp them into soapy warm water, clean through the bristles with your fingers and rinse. Let them dry completely before re-using them.

Care Instructions

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