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Kentucky Horsewear

Rubber Ball Protection wall & lead

Rubber Ball Protection wall & lead

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The ultimate protection to ensure the safety of your horse while grooming.
- Strong rubber
- Practical and effective solution
- Kentucky logo
- 1 pc

A practical and effective solution to prevent horses from hurting themselves, getting tangled in their tethering ropes or the horse chewing on the lead. The lead opening fits nicely around the lead to prevent shifting. The Rubber ball is a quiet guard, it will protect and prevent the lead making a hitting noise against the wall.

Fabrics & materials
This cross-ties ball is made from a strong rubber to endure a lot in the stables. This material ensures a long-term use.

Shape & size
The Rubber ball protection wall & lead is available in one universal size that fits on most leads. The Rubber Ball has two little holes on the hole facing outwards to reinforce the ball with a zip tie to avoid moving if needed. It features a big Kentucky logo on one side.

In stock in black color. Contact us to place your special order!

Care Instructions

The Rubber ball protection is easily cleaned with a towel and some warm water which makes it perfect for daily use.

Sizing Tips

Width 310mm, Height 50mm, Length 420mm

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