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Kentucky Horsewear

Wellington Fly Veil BIG Stone & Pearl | Navy

Wellington Fly Veil BIG Stone & Pearl | Navy

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The combination of the big stones, pearls, and wellington shape make this fly veil extremely eye-catching!

Next to the popular stone and pearl fly veil, Kentucky now have one that stands out even more. Meet the fly veil wellington Big Stone and Pearl. The fly veil is shaped in the popular wellington shape. The piping is finished with pearls and big stones. An eye-catcher for sure!

They included an extended neckpiece to avoid the fly veil from slipping under the bridle. There’s no logo on the front of the fly veil, so there’s still room for embroidery. Handwash only!

- Popular wellington shape
- Eye-catching pearl and big stone piping
- Ears are made of a stretchy material
- Soundless
- Handwash only

Care Instructions

Handwash only!

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