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Horse Pilot

Winter Compression Socks | + Colors

Winter Compression Socks | + Colors

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The Horse Pilot winter compression sock uses compression technology developed for running or skiing. The calf, located at a distance from the lung and the heart, acts like a sponge for the rider. Venous blood, which carries toxins, has difficulty moving upwards.

For a good oxygenation of the muscles of the lower body and a better sensitivity, it is important to act on the calf like a real peripheral heart.

By compressing the calf, the sock will allow a better venous return towards the heart, thus limiting the risks of cramps, aches or injuries and improving the sensitivity of the leg (proprioception).

The compression technology present in Horse Pilot riding socks has different qualities:

• Stimulates blood circulation to limit tiredness and promote better oxygenation of the muscles.
• Promotes the elimination of lactic acid responsible for cramps and aches.
• Improves posture and leg stability. Muscle compression allows for more precise movement and better muscle performance.
• Helps recovery, to optimize rest periods and reduce the risk of injury.

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Fits for women shoe sizes 5 to 9.

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